Gulf JOINERY and Furniture (GDF) Division specializes in master planning and design of civic, community, retail, education and mixed used projects. GDF combines planning and design expertise with a clear understanding of public and private development resulting in a large local clientele.

With 60 skilled and well-trained staff for each project to respond to its site, context and program, collaborating with clients and users for architectural, planning and interior designs.

GDF has significant office experience with thousands of square feet of office facilities project including renovations, new constructions and historical renovations. GDF enjoys the challenge of specialized, one of a kind project. The firm approaches its work carefully and methodically and prides itself on developing quality projects with long standing clients.

The firm's philosophy os to approach with project wit the same fresh interest and diligence, regardless of the project size or complexity. A successful project meets the clients' budget, scheduling and design expectation.

— Wooden Doors
◦ Special Design for Villas
◦ Panel Doors
◦ Flush Doors (Semi-solid or Solid)
◦ Fire-Rated Doors

— Wooden Wardrobes

— Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

— Wooden Cupboards

— Total Design Concept (Hotels and Villas)
◦ Fit-outs
◦ Furniture