Manufacture and installation of customized interior concept solutions, innovative technologies, we are able to assist our customers by creating solutions dedicated to their specific needs. Gulf Prefab give rise to a contemporary and distinctive Interior with creative and modern design. Premium finishes of superior quality, inlays and profiles to convey a touch of distinction and modernity. We pride ourselves in delivering perfectly tailored solutions to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients. Our success results from careful observation of the market and quick reaction to change, includes unparalleled product customization to meet the client’s expectations. We maintain a sense of responsibility for the natural environment which motivates us to actively control our environmental impact. This is done through sensibly considered choices of effective technologies to improve productivity and energy efficiency during the production process. We strive to align our clientele’s requirements with our passion for aesthetics and quality, deliver a wide range of superior quality products and services across the country. The objective is to achieve a stable market position and build lasting relationships to ensure continuity of business.