Eco pallets are designed as an alternative to standard wooden and plastic pallets. Standard wooden pallets are often subjected to strict import restrictions and plastic pallets to environmental risks and high costs. It is made from wooden fibers. These pallets are eco-friendly and are in compliance with ISPM 15 Guidelines for wood packaging. Also,it can hold substantial load capacities.

They are relatively lightweight,nest able,stackable and can be used with or without skid. Thus these pallets help reduce your storage space and freight costs dooring shipment while beeing environmentally freindly.

- Eco-freindly
- Bio degradable
- Natural resources from wood fibre
- Recyclable
- Suitable for out-door use
- Strong and durable physical properties
- No fumigation or heat treatment required
- Highly resistant to moisture,insects,fungi and termite attacks
- Nest able,4-way entry,less storage place
- Ideal for airfreight
- Easy handling
- Can be used on roller conveyar with or without skid
- Fully in compliance with ISPM 15 Guidelines
- Helps companies meet ISO 14000

Moreover, GULFAB fabricates wood pallets which are suitable with the requirements of the clients.