Our Services

The product range of Gulf Prefab is designed to meet the varying customer requirements for protected space and includes: Standard broad range specifications from open hall to ablution units available off the shelf at short notice. Mosques, villas, fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, guard houses, school houses, customer-designed labour camps (equipped with all facilities), and project and site offices.


Gulf prefab Houses Factory LLC applies the latest technologies and the best developed practices to assure the quality of our products. Our manufacturing process is based on our technical and engineering team, which design, test and examine each process until the end product. To guarantee our quality, we have equipped factories with the latest cutting edge machinery to decrease the margin of error.

Installation and Assembly Service

Our installation/ assembly teams are known worldwide for accuracy, quick completion, and high standards of HSSE that undertake each project.

Our teams are well equipped to complete the work within the standards that Gulf prefab Houses Factory LLC targets.


Since our products are part of our identity around the world, we have branches and showrooms in over 36 countries and 24 official distributors. Each branch has a team of qualified sales experts in meeting local and international market requirements.

Clients are required to:

Select the location.

Determine the space available (Dimensions).

Determine the completion Date.