GULFAB as we are after 1976 known as, has come to be the leading prefabricated building manufacturer in the GCC for the supply of accommodation facilities. Since 1976, GULFAB has provided millions of square meters of offices, camps and remote housing facilities to as far as African and Eastern European countries.

Our strength is our flexibility in providing our clients "ready-to-use" options or our ability to adapt to our clients' requirements easily. GULFAB's varied product line inclusive of the "knock-down" units, offers cost effective solutions to our clients.

With a combination of steel-framed type units for rugged heavy duty use to light weight wood based units for low-cost housing, GULFAB cores the clients need for multiple portable type camp facilities to long-term one-time erected sites. GULFAB's varied wall paneling and roof systems enables to cover areas of different and extreme climate conditions.